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Bruce Nishimwe Celebrated during Black History Month by ExpressJet

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Bruce NISHIMWE, ExpressJet First Officer. Photo by: Burundi Pride

ExpressJet a partially owned subsidiary of United Airlines feautured Bruce Nishimwe during #BlackHistoryMonth. He is a First Officer, who was born and raised in Burundi, a country known as the heart of Africa, then came to the United States to become a commercial pilot.

I am very proud of my roots and to now be here in America. I am very proud of our history as well as the future that we are building. I didn't celebrate Black History Month until I came to America. Since Black History Month recognized by the whole country here, I want to take that opportunity to inspire the next generation, especially the African American kids who want to be scientists, pilots, or doctors. If you really want something, you can always work hard and get it, that's the message I want to put out there. We want to inspire the next generation to know that we're here if they need guidance and sypport. We also need to pay respect and honor the lives of those who came before us who helped pave the way for us to have these opportunities."

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Bruce Nishimwe celebrated during Black History Month / ExpressJet x United Airlines